Dehumidifiers can help dry rooms out

New from Mitsubishi Electric is the MJE16V range of dehumidifiers starting with the MJE16Vmodel. While its big brother the MJE16VX is the best dehumidifier in our range and arguably the best portable dehumidifier on the U.K. Market, the MJE16V is the more popular of the two. This is because the MJE16V dehumidifier still manages to pack in more quality and features than other manufacturers models but comes in at under £300.00 together with free mainland UK delivery. Both units are quiet, highly efficient and compact dehumidifiers.

It’s build quality is far superior to anything else we have in stock and its range of features make it adaptable for a wide range of applications. For example:-

For the home – it is quieter than any other model and can dry laundry. Especially in a flat the quietness is a major plus and as the main source of damp in a flat is clothes drying the fact that it can dry laundry is a major plus. Also great for protecting basements for living or storage applications. 

The Easy Dehumidifying function provides complete control of the home by touching just one button. The dehumidifier then makes all of the decisions for you. The dust filter removes dirt and dust from the air. These two features help allergy sufferers.


For Cars, Caravans and Boats – Mitsubishi Electric dehumidifiers have always been very popular with users who have an application to protect something special and valuable at low temperatures. The compact MJE16V is more than capable of keeping a double garage, boat or caravan dry and controlled over a hard winter. The MJ range has always done well in independent reviews, more often than not being voted Best dehumidifier on Test.

They have hot gas defrost to prevent freezing and a low temperature function to ensure that they will extract the maximum amount of moisture when the going gets tough. The electronic humidistat ensures that it only works when necessary, saving electricity.

Continuous drainage is easy to fit and the dehumidifier is stable when put on a side to drain into a sink.

For museums and archives – The Mitsubishi electric range of dehumidifiers have always been popular with museums and the new model continues that association. The auto humidistat controls the realtive humidity between 50 and 60%rh, the crucial area for museums and archives. The hot gas defrost function is perfect for use in unheated stores and the machine is easy to move and handle.


Zinsser Watertite

Zinsser are world known for the comprehansive range of paints and coatings to deal with and protect surfaces from damp, mold and mildew.

Zinsser Watertite paint products are available for purchase for your convenience direct from Amazon.

The following is a potted history of the Zinsser company brand – based upon information available from


Innovation.  Quality.  Problem solving.  ZINSSER was founded on these principles in 1849 and has remained true to its original charter for more than 150 years.  In its long history, ZINSSER has established itself as a company that develops and markets unique, problem-solving products that address the needs of professional painting and wallcovering contractors.
From the introduction of shellac to the US market in the mid-1800s to the development of a full line of high-performance primers, wallcovering products and coatings for the long-term prevention of mould and mildew, ZINSSER has been on the cutting edge of innovation, creating new products – and new product categories – to meet the needs of contractors and exceed their expectations for quality and performance.
The company has been responsible for many industry “firsts” — B-I-N, the first shellac-base primer-sealer; Bulls Eye 1-2-3, the first water-base universal primer; DIF®, the first commercial solution for wallcovering removal and PERMA-WHITE®, the first mould & mildew-proof* paint.  During the past few years, ZINSSER has developed a number of new products  — AllCoat Water Base Multi Surface Primer Finish, AllCoat Solvent Base Multi Surface Primer Stain Killer Finish, GARDZ® High Performance Sealer, Bulls Eye® , High Hide Cover Stain® Primer-Sealer, SealCoat® Universal Sanding Sealer, WATERTITE® Mould & Mildew-Proof Waterproofing Paint, COVERS UP® Stain Sealing Ceiling Paint and more – reflecting its ongoing commitment to innovation.


Over the years, the name ZINSSER has become synonymous with quality. Products are manufactured in ISO 9001-certified facilities, ensuring consistent, first-class quality.  Its dedication to quality extends to all areas of its business including its commitment to professional education.  ZINSSER representatives provide ongoing training at Pro Shows and through Product Knowledge Seminars year round.  The company has also demonstrated its commitment to industry quality through ongoing support of organizations like the PDCA and its chapters.

Problem solving products

Zinsser has earned a reputation as a company that listens to contactors and develops new products – or adds features to existing products — to meet their changing needs.
That’s why ZINSSER has expanded its primer technology to include new high-performance, low VOC primer-sealers; leads the industry in the development of products that improve wallpaper hanging and removal; and is constantly researching and developing new products for the long-term prevention of mould & mildew.
In 2008, ZINSSER will continue its commitment to professional contractors with the introduction of several new products that meet “real world” challenges.  The company also will remain true to the traditions of innovation and quality established by its founder, William Zinsser: to develop problem-solving products that contractors can depend on.

zinsser watertite

The History of ZINSSER

In 1849, William Zinsser immigrated from Germany to New York and set up the United State’s first shellac beaching plant on Manhattan’s west side.  He founded his new company, William Zinsser & Co., Inc., on the principals of quality and innovation. The company has remained true to these principals for over 150 years.

Zinsser’s commitment to quality was evident early on.  In 1853, Zinsser’s first shellac product, White French Varnish, received a First Premium Award at the International Exhibit in Philadelphia.  The company’s solutions of shellac in alcohol – Bulls Eye Shellac – quickly became popular as the first quick-drying clear wood finishes in the country.  “Bulls Eye” and “Zinsser” became synonymous with “top quality”.

Zinsser also earned industry recognition as a product innovator, creating new products – and new product categories – to meet the needs of professionals and do-it-yourselfers.  The company’s many “firsts” include B-I-N, the first shellac-base primer sealer; Bulls Eye 1-2-3®, the first water-base universal primer; DIF®, the first commercial solution for wallcovering removal; SHIELDZ™, the first wallcovering primer; and PERMA-WHITE®, the first mould & mildew-proof paint.

Zinsser remained a family business until 1986 when it was acquired by RPM, Inc.  Operating as a subsidiary of RPM, the company continued to grow.  Zinsser’s growth was also fueled by a number of key acquisitions, including Wolman Wood Care Products (1994), Zehrung (1997), Modern Masters (2001) WalWorks (2002), Parks Corp. (2002) and OKON (2005).  In 2005, Zinsser joined forces with Rust-Oleum Corporation to form the Rust-Oleum/Zinsser Group, a powerhouse of consumer, professional and industrial speciality paint and coatings brands.

Today, Zinsser manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of high-performance primers, wallcovering installation and removal products, wood finishes, concrete and masonry products, decorative finishes and products for the long-term prevention of mould and mildew. Products are manufactured in ISO 9001-certified facilities to ensure consistent, first-class quality. The company also remains committed to innovation and new product development to meet and exceed the needs of customers and end users.”

Zinsser Waterproofing paint products are available for purchase for your convenience direct from Amazon.

What You Need to Know about Damp Proof Paint

Damp proof paint is one of the many available construction materials available to make lives comfortable and easier.

A clean and dry home is one of the many pleasures that people enjoy everyday. It is irritating to find out one day that your living room wall is damp. You then realize that you missed out an important aspect during the building phase or water simply just sneaked in your home causing tension and exasperation. Thank heavens for these products that are now widely available in the market to help you fix up those damp walls. At any given time, these paints are welcome items on your garage shelf. It is now one of those necessary handy items that you can have on hand.

Damp proof painting is also commonly called waterproofing. Numerous types are available and most applications can be done by you (DIY) or through professionals.

What are the causes of damp?

  1. Condensation: This is the change of matter from gas to liquid. Consider the weather, temperature and presence of water vapor in your home or area.
  2. Rising Damp: It is also called salt water damp. This is caused by seepage, mostly rainwater, rising out from the ground due to many factors. Call a professional, in this case.
  3. Penetrating Damp: It is generally caused by leaking or missing tiles in the roof, damaged gutters, downpipes and wall flashings. These damages cause water or moisture to penetrate inside the house.
  4. Leaks: Usually seen as small damp patches, it is mostly caused by faulty water pipes or damaged water lines throughout the structure of the house.

Wisdom tells you that prudent planning is required in order to minimize the headaches that you may get after the construction of the house. The shell must be fortified. The floors, roofs, water pipes and walls should be made stable and resilient. Even at this stage, using damp proof paint is already considered and used as a preventive material for dampness. As such it is used as a base or primary coat on walls. Decorative paint can then be subsequently applied. Nevertheless, newer versions in the market now boast of stand alone types, eliminating the need of other paint applications. They even come in a variety of colors for the customer to choose from.
These new variations of paints nowadays already act as damp membranes. Conventional damp membranes are usually made of polypropylene, polythene or other materials. Although more thorough and stable than paints, they may be more expensive than paints in the overall. Thus, the popularity and wide acceptance of damp proof paint now makes it almost a necessity for house builders and owners.
Another product variation is the exterior wall coating system, which already incorporates beauty and waterproofing at the same time. Creating a barrier for water to seep inside is indeed a huge plus for indoor living. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Also, these products come in different types and colors. Other types include fungicides to prevent molds from forming. Others also have anti staining properties, removing all these unpleasant sights.
Waterproofing your home then is not be a big issue, if you are aware of current practices and new products coming out of the market. It is best that you should include this even during the design and construction phase of your house. Check it out with your architect or builder. The internet is a good source to look for professionals including all the necessary tools and materials to make your home damp free.
Your damp problems should not be resolved by just a cleaning kit or a simple lick of paint. There are many long term solutions available and one of them is damp proof paint, which will aid you in the long haul.

For more information relating to differing dampness forms see

To purchase Damp Proof Paint in the United Kingdom visit damp proof paint section.